Day 15 of 42

January 25, 2021

Current Weight: 222.2

Last Weigh in: 223.2

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212 by Feb 22nd

Current Progress: Down 5.8 lbs. in 14 days


Down exactly 1 lb. since Friday morning. 

In terms of "sticking to the plan", this weekend was great. I'm actually a tad surprised I was only down 1 lb. I increased my fasting window to 18 hours and drank lots of water.

A few times this weekend I had to ask myself if I was hungry. I was tempted to eat during my fast only because I saw something that look appetizing. That's when I PAUSED, THOUGHT, and MOVED ON. I found if I just kept myself busy and didn't think of food, I didn't eat. I DID NOT STARVE MYSELF!!!!

I have certain foods that trigger me. If I walk by one of my triggers enough, I eventually give in. This is when I either move that "trigger" to a different (out of sight) location or I don't enter the room this "trigger" food is. 

I'm losing weight slowly but surely. I know its only been 2 weeks. 

I have another 4 weeks to lose 10 lbs. to reach my goal. Simple math tell me I have to average 2.5 lbs. each week. Easy Peasy.

I'm going to challenge myself "within this challenge" to lose 3 lbs. by next Monday.  I WILL ACHIEVE THIS AND POST A PIC TO PROVE IT. 


Talk soon.


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