Day 17 of 42

January 27, 2021

Current Weight: 220.9

Last Weigh In: 222.2

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212 by Feb 22nd

Progress: Down 7.1 lbs. in 16 Days


I'm down 1.3 lbs. in 2 days. Most likely a little body fat and mostly water weight. 

I set a weekly goal of losing 3 lbs. so I'm certainly on track. 

I have kicked it up another notch in terms of fasting the past 2 days. Both days were 20 hour fasts. I know this seems extreme but it's really not for me. I drink lots of water throughout the day, have a giant bowl of oatmeal (with an added Fiber supplement) as my first meal and an hour later I have a Balanced Chef. This works for me. I've trained my body for the longer fasts just by sticking to my plan and drinking enough water. I AM NOT STARVING MYSELF

Side note: I'm not a morning eater so Fasting is significantly easier for me. When I do break my fast, during my eating window I get in right around 2000 calories. 

I'll check back in on Friday morning! Stay safe and healthy!


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