Day 25 of 42

February 05, 2021

Current Weight: 214.5 

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212

Down: 13.5

Left to Lose: 2.5 in 18 Days


Oh hey there. To be honest I'm kind of surprised I keep losing weight this fast. I only have 2.5 lbs. to lose in the next 18 days. The only thing I've changed has been longer fasts. I've stopped eating a little sooner (when I'm full) and I broke my fast a little later (when I was actually hungry).

I've also removed technology during meals. No phone. No TV.

It's just me and the food. I've concentrated on being in the moment of the meal. The taste. The texture. The smell. Chewing my food more instead of a few bites then swallowing.

Perhaps this is the reason why I've been feeling full sooner? The fasts being longer? I'm not sure but its working for me and this is something I can continue to do forever.

I'm not going to get ahead of myself and start to slack off. I'm going to continue to build upon what I've already started. This is working for me and each passing day I become more motivated.

With that being said, this Sunday is the SuperBowl. I don't have any "party plans" but my parents are coming over with Pizza and Wings. Am I going to have some? Absolutely I am. 

My plan is to eat super clean on Saturday so I can enjoy Pizza and Wings on Sunday (in moderation of course). This is reality for me. 

We can't go our whole lives on restrictive diets. It's not realistic. That's why the vast majority of people quickly gain back weight they've lost. Myself included. This is my opinion. Not a fact. Cheers to the weekend and enjoy the SuperBowl.

Talk soon.


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