Day 28 of 42

February 08, 2021

Current Weight: 219

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212

Down: 9

Left to Lose:  7 # in 15 Days


Well apparently I gained 4.5# over the weekend lol. Yes the scale read 219# this morning. Friday morning I weighed in at 214.5#

For the most part I stuck to my plan. Yesterday, was the SuperBowl and I did eat more than I anticipated. Am I upset about this? Not at all. I had Pizza, Wings, Sausage Rolls and Scotch. Would I do it again? Yes I would.

I am confident most of this weight will "flush" itself out today.

This is just another reminder not to be focused on the scale number. Small consistent steps will bring us to our goals. 

I'll fast for most of the day today (I'll break my fast earlier if I'm hungry). I just have to work a little harder this week since I treated myself yesterday. I'm looking forward to next Mondays weigh in.

Talk soon.



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