Day 35 of 42

February 15, 2021

Current Weight: 212.8 

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212

Down: 15.2 

Left to Lose:  .8 lbs


I'm down 4.8# since Friday. 

Over the weekend I increased my water intake, my fasting period, and workout duration. A few times I felt I could have ate a snack before bed but I chose not to.

I'm glad I made those choices as this mornings weigh in was great. I have less than 1# to lose in the next week.

The challenge will be maintaining this 4.8# loss I did in 3 days and also losing another .8 lb.

I really don't know how I lost that much. (AGAIN, THIS IS NOT 4.8# IN FAT LOSS IN 3 DAYS. THATS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE) This all brings me back to my point of don't be fixated on what the scale says. For the sake of this challenge, I am a little fixated what it says, however I know this is a change I have made for the long haul. If we get too focused on what it reads each day, we get off course and our path/journey changes. Make small daily changes, create them into daily tiny habits, and never lose vision of the long term goal. BABY STEPS.

I will continue this week strong and make another post on Wednesday. I'm already planning my next personal 6 week challenge and I believe it will be another 8-10 lbs. Lets get this 6 weeks over with first before I start something else. 

Talk Soon,


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