February 22, 2021

Current Weight: 210.9

Original Weight: 228

Goal Weight: 212

Down: 17.1 in 42 Days

42 days is officially over. I've lost 17.1#

The goal was hit last week and has been maintained. 

I actually gained a little weight from Fridays weigh in. I was losing too much too fast so I believe the number has corrected itself.

This was hands down the easiest weight that I've lost. I'm pretty stoked. I will continue this journey and start with a fresh challenge on Monday. 

During the 42 days I stuck with my plan. If you or anyone you know needs help with losing some weight, please reach out!

I'll create a new Blog on Monday and title it "The Next 6 weeks". Let's get a weigh in on Monday before I set my goals!





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