Meet Our Dietitian

Looking to go beyond the “dieting” mentality and find personalized guidance in losing weight or just eating healthier? Curious how many calories your body actually needs? Are you looking to change your eating habits for the better?  Training for a big race and need assistance to properly fuel your workouts? Our Registered Dietitian is ready to develop a personalized plan just for you!


Cynthia Donovan, MS RD CDN

Cynthia | Balanced Chef

Cynthia Donovan is a registered dietitian nutritionist certified by the state of New York. She earned her Master of Science in Nutrition at SUNY Oneonta and completed her dietetic internship locally in Utica. Cynthia has over 8 years of experience as a dietitian and is extremely passionate about helping others live their best life through a non-diet approach.

In 2015, Cynthia joined Balanced Chef where she provided nutrient analysis of recipes as well as some recipe development. Now, she will offer one-on-one nutrition coaching as well as helping you navigate the best Balanced Chef meals that fit your individual needs. She specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, woman’s nutrition and chronic disease prevention. 


My Approach

Eating healthy foods, being active and living in balance is the core of my philosophy. My counseling approach is all about being realistic and providing the personalized guidance for what your body needs. Living healthy is not about giving up all the things you love. I'm an expert in knowing that what we eat and how we treat our bodies has a significant impact on our immediate and long term health. I also know how important it is to be able to enjoy some ice cream once the summer's here or sip a glass of wine on a Saturday with friends without feeling guilty. Knowing what your 'balance' looks like puts you back in control of your choices. When we focus on doing the things that make us feel physically and mentally healthy, happy and strong it becomes easier to make the healthy choices.

Working closely with people to help them live a healthier lifestyle is what I do best. There is a way to balance it all to live a life that is both healthy and one you can enjoy, but it has to be personalized. No two journeys to lose weight and become healthy are alike. Our food choices are typically driven by our emotions, our environments, and our habits that we've created over time. By taking a gradual and personalized approach I've helped hundreds of clients lose weight for good, feel confident, happy, healthy, and fit. Let me help you...