Our Story


This husband and wife team, both Utica natives, were high school sweethearts. Following high school, Brian attended culinary school and Cynthia pursued her education to become a registered dietitian.

The two married in 2010, and joined their local CrossFit gym together, where their love for fitness and healthy eating continued to grow. The pair began their entrepreneurship by baking and selling various flavors of gluten free granola and banana breads to CrossFit members.

The feedback was positive and the demand for “more food” was high!  Brian’s love for food and extreme passion for helping others through food, merged with Cynthia’s love for nutrition created a company as a means to satisfy a simple way to eat well.

With the help and support of friends, family, and valued partnerships, the Balanced Chef was born!

Today, The Balanced Chef has grown from a “grab and go” prepared healthy meal, to an online culinary phenomenon that caters, delivers, and offers guided nutritional services and consultations in addition to providing weekly meals to our valued customers.

Our mission is simple: regardless of your busy lifestyle, our goal is to make it a little easier by offering you convenient, delicious and balanced meal options. Using only high-quality ingredients, our meals are freshly prepared, and never frozen. Within two short minutes you can enjoy a wholesome, chef crafted meal that you can feel good about eating. With a passion for life and good food it is our mission to provide you better fuel for a better life!

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