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Fuel Bar

A Fuel Bar from Buff Bake is deliciously make with healthy fats, clean protein, and the power of MCT to satisfy cravings while increasing your energy to burn more fat. Combining key ingredients with a focus on low carbs, the Fuel Bar is built as a great additional to any diet, especially those seeking a Keto-friendly option. 

  • DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY: We found the perfect balance taste, texture, and nutritional benefits. These ketogenic friendly bars are great for any occasion. Have them for breakfast, a snack, pre and post work out, on a hike, great for traveling and on the go.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Our ingredients are premium sourced with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Few ingredients and always fresh.
  • BRAIN BOOSTING and CRAVING CONTROL: Our keto bars feature the powerful benefits of MCT Oil. Proven to boost brain and memory function, increase energy and endurance, satisfy cravings and improve weight management while lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • LOW IN CARBS, LOW IN SUGAR: Keto-Friendly and proven to not raise your blood sugar. Our bars have 1g of Sugar and are sweetened only with Monk Fruit. They are free from any artificial flavors, sweeteners or sugar alcohols.
  • BENEFIT-FUL: 12g of Plant Based Protein in our keto bars.  Only 1g of Sugar, 4g of Net Carbs, Vegan, Non Dairy, Non GMO, Gluten Free, High in Fiber, and so delicious!